VAT Relief

At Threads of Life we sell a variety of products, some of which are zero rated for VAT purposes as they were designed to be used by those with a long term medical condition. This applies to the kit cases and Out and About Duo listings. However, the person who will be using the product must also confirm that they have a long term medical condition in order to purchase the product. You can find out more about this by visiting HMRC's website here and reading section 3.1 - 3.2 here.

For this reason we have a couple of extra details we need to take before adding these products to the cart, in order to confirm that the person who will be using the kit case is eligible for the zero rate of VAT. If you are buying it as a gift this is fine; the details will need to be for the person who will be using the case.

We will not share this data with anyone and will only use it if requested by HMRC to prove that we have sold VAT zero rated products to people who genuinely have a long term medical condition.

This option is only available to our customers in the UK as it complies with UK VAT laws. If you would like to buy the kit case for another purpose or live in another country outside the UK you will need to visit the listings without VAT RELIEF in the title: here (medium) and here (small).

If you have any further questions around VAT relief please drop us a line at Thank you.