Diabetes UK is the leading charity in the UK to support people living with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Image shows the words Diabetes UK in white on a mid blue background with the subtext 'Know Diabetes. Fight Diabetes' underneath.

Funky pumpers logo showing the word 'funky' in blue with a drop of red blood coming out underneath, inside of which is written the word 'pumpers'. Behind these words is a blue circle surrounding the text. Prior shop logo showing 'Prior' in capital letters in white with a pink shadow, inside a grey circle.
Diabetic details logo with a white circle and a drop of a blood at the top. In the centre is black writing with Diabetic Details then at the bottom is tagline: The Little Details that Made Diabetes Easier.

Diabetes UK

A selection of our kit cases are available through the Diabetes UK shop, meaning each sale contributes towards the vital research and support carried out by Diabetes UK.


Funky Pumpers

Set up to provide a wide range of accessories for those living with Type 1 Diabetes, Funky Pumpers also support the work of JDRF in their research to find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes. Our kit cases are available here.

Prior Pop up shop, Bristol

This independent shop in Quakers Friar opened in September 2021 just down the road from the Apple store. A selection of our MacBook cases and Diabetes kit cases are available in the flesh alongside a carefully curated range of products from other small UK businesses.

Diabetic Details

An online shop set up by Elise to provide fun accessories for people living with diabetes, Diabetic Details is full of funny and imaginative bits to help make diabetes easier. Our kit bags are available through this store along with a great range of device stickers and everyday essentials.